How to Visit Tangier Island, Virginia

Tangier Island is one of the most adventurous tourist spots in the world. It was explored by a famous explorer, John Smith and is located in Virginia near Chesapeake Bay. Furthermore, it was settled by John Crockett back in 1686. The most common last names of the inhabitants include Pruitt, Parks and Thomas. There are a lot of activities which you can perform at the island which mainly include boating and cycling. If you want to make your trip to the Tangier Island memorable, you can take help from the given steps.


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    First of all, float an idea of visiting the Tangier Island in your friends and family. Try to connect and gather as many people as you can so as to enjoy your trip to the fullest. But, don’t try to force anyone who doesn’t want to go with your.

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    Then, you have to book a boat to go to the island. You can take a boat from Crisfield in Maryland or from Reedville in Virginia. You can also go on your own boat, if you have any. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go on a boat, you can simply take a plane to fly to the island.

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    Now, you have to prepare a budget of all the expenses which will be incurred during your visit. The major expenses include the cost of travelling, hotel and boating. However, if you plan to do some other activities, you will have to include them in your budget. It will be better for you to make your budget flexible. Divide all the expenses equally amongst all the people who are going to visit along with you.

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    You must know that the people of the island speak an ancient English accent. So, if you could learn about the accent before your visit, it may provide you a great help in communicating with the locals on the island.

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    Don’t forget to visit the Tangier Island Museum and the Interpretive Cultural Centre which are one of the most amazing ancient buildings and possess some great and incredible artwork.

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    You can also visit the local stores to gather different kinds of souvenirs to take good memories with you. Furthermore, you can also take different gifts from the island for your loved ones. You must also eat the local cuisines of the Tangier Island which are really delicious.

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