Things to do on Holidays in Dalian China

As one of China’s larger cities, Dalian is a tourist paradise. Everything from amusement parks to serene parks await the discerning traveler, whose choices of hotels and restaurants are also mindbogglingly large.


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    Dalian Discovery Kingdom:

    Definitely one of the more favoured destinations, this amusement park features rides for both young and old. However, be aware of the large crowds that can build up, especially during the Holiday season.

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    Pole Aquarium:

    But if it’s water entertainment you seek, there is simply nothing better than the Pole Aquarium. Although a bit on the expensive side, it really is worth if you head there complete with the family.

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    A collection four different sites including Tiger Park, Singing Birds Woods, Tiger Square and an Aquarium, Laohutan offers a different perspective to the hustle and bustle of Dalian and should definitely be on one’s radar if it’s peace and quiet surroundings you enjoy.

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    Jinzhou Stadium:

    Dalian Aerbin are rated as one of the best football teams in the country and as such watching them play in the Chinese Super League is a unique experience. The side are led by former Barcelona star Seydou Keita and one should take out the time to see a match if it fits into your schedule.

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    The Riviera:

    Try some authentic Spanish, Italian or French fare in a Chinese city! Yes, that maybe a very unusual combination, but the spectacular dishes at the Riviera are definitely worth the risk and most diners don’t leave disappointed.

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    Cafe Copenhagen:

    Feeling for some freshly brewed coffee? Why not try Café Copenhagen? The cakes and pastries are delightful, while the coffeevaries from espressos to lattes.

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    Brooklyn Bar and Restaurant

    After spending a night out with friends, the best place to dine is simply the Brooklyn Bar and Restaurant. American cuisine makes up most of the menu and one can look forward to sampling anything from steaks to burgers.

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    Z Restaurant:

    An unusual name for an eatery, but when it comes to Indian food, there is simply no place better than this locality. Try everything from sumptuous curries to rice and experience the best Indian food has to offer.

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    Shangri La Hotel:

    Expensive, yes.  But with quality that delivers with epitome of luxury, this place is definitely worth the bill you are going to end up with.

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    Kempinski Hotel:

    Although bearing all the hallmarks of a top hotel, Kempinski does not have the budget factor attached and rooms of all sizes are available at reasonable prices, which will leave the customer both content and happy.

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