10 Hottest Places to Buy Property in World

There are many ways to make money and one of the most popular ones is to do it by buying and selling property. Property is a relatively safe investment and you are not in danger of losing the money you have invested such as in the case of stocks.

You can keep the property for some time and sell it when you find the right price or the right buyer. For this, it is extremely important to find the right place to invest in. You should not invest in land that has a less likely future.


  • 1

    New York, USA

    New York is widely regarded as the best city in the world and even though the value of property has come down in recent times, the city is still one of the first places investors would like to put their money in

  • 2

    London, England

    London has always been an important city and investment in it can reap great benefits in the future

  • 3

    Washington D.C, USA

    The capital of the United States has seen some great growth in commercial terms in recent years so it is a great place to invest in for the future

  • 4

    Paris, France

    The City of Love has been known for its beauty. Millions of people visit the city every year and investment can be extremely fruitful in the next few years

  • 5

    Shanghai, China

    China is becoming the business hub of the world and investing in property in the city of Shanghai can be great for people who want to put money into property

  • 6

    Tokyo, Japan

    Japan is one of the fastest growing nations in the world and properties in Tokyo have seen a fall in value over the past few years because of the financial crunch

  • 7


    Singapore has seen huge foreign investment in the past few decades and there is a great chance you can gain from investing in the area

  • 8

    Munich, Germany

    The renting rates in the city are extremely high and which is why it is a great place for property investment

  • 9

    Sydney, Australia

    More and more people are willing to migrate to Australia and considering Sydney is one of the liveliest cities in the country, investing may not be a bad option at all

  • 10

    Hong Kong, China

    The price of property in this city is extremely high and it is considered as a huge market for business. Investing in real estate in Hong Kong can be a great option

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