Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Nepal

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a sovereign and landlocked country of South Asia, with a population of more than 30 million. It is a lovely place, full of natural beauty and is famous for its traditions and rituals. The total area of Nepal is 147,181 square kilometres and one of its biggest tourist attraction is the amazing splendour of the great Himalayas, including Mount Everest, which is the highest mountain of the world.

Apart from a number of beautiful places, the most amazing thing about the country is its people, who are extremely friendly and caring.


  • 1

    Kathmandu – The Capital of Nepal

    Kathmandu is considered as the heart of Nepal and is the only Metropolitan city of the country. It is full of natural beauty, being located in the Himalayas. The city attracts thousands of tourists each year and is a great contributor to Nepal’s economy.

  • 2

    Chitwan National Park

    Established in 1973, the Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal. It was previously known as The Royal Chitwan National Park. The park offers a number of activities to the tourists of all ages.

  • 3


    It is located 32 kilometers away from Khatmandu. Nagarkot is a small village and is popular for its amazing scenery. It provides some beautiful views especially at the time of sunrise and sunset.

  • 4


    Pokhara is known for its huge contribution towards the GDP of Nepal (tourism) and is the biggest sub-metropolitan city of Nepal.

  • 5

    Pashupatinath Temple

    This Hindu temple is famous throughout the world. Many devotees from different countries visit Pashupatinath Temple each year.

  • 6


    Patan is an ancient city which is culturally very rich. By visiting this city, you can go through the traditions and artwork of Nepal.

  • 7

    Wildlife Reserve of Koshi Tappu

    It is an extremely beautiful place, full of natural beauty and wild life. One can see some of the most attractive birds during springs in the gardens of Wildlife Reserve of Koshi Tappu.

  • 8


    Lumbini is one of the most important pilgrimage places of Buddhists. It is the place where Buddha lived till he was 29.

    The place is considered to be a treasure of peace and beauty.

  • 9


    It is a beautiful valley located at the eastern part of Kathmandu. It is also an important tourist attraction in Nepal.

  • 10

    Royal Bardia National Park

    It is another national park, full of greenery and wildlife. The park was established in 1988 and is a major reason behind increased tourism in Nepal in recent years.

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