How to Plan a Trip to England

England is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world, attracting thousands of visitors from all parts of the globe each month. The country has an extremely rich culture and it offers something to everyone. England has modern metropolis, ancient ruins, some of the finest cricket grounds of the world, traditional village life and a bustling nightlife in some of the major cities, especially London. If you are a lover of history, you can admire the Crown Jewels, visit some majestic castles in the country as well as the house of Shakespeare. You can also find some of the world’s finest stores in England if you love shopping.


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    Decide when to go

    The first and most important part of your planning for a trip to England is to decide when to go. If you wish to enjoy the English summers, you should plan your trip between June and September; however, keep in mind that England is going to be quite expensive during that time and you may witness large crowds. If you are on a tight budget, you should travel to the great country between November and March.

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    Apply for a visa

    If you need a visa to travel to England from your country, you need to complete your documents and avoid putting it off to the last minute.

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    Make airline reservations

    Once you have decided when to travel to England, you can make airline reservations. Virgin Atlantic Airways, British Airways and United Airlines offer flights from almost all major cities of the world on daily basis. Search for the prices of the tickets online and consult your travel agent.

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    If you are visiting England in summers, you will not need heavy clothes. Make sure that you have a few T-shirts in your bag as well as a couple of jeans. However, if you are visiting the Queen’s country in winters, you need be thoroughly prepared and pack a few jumpers and jackets in your suitcase. You must have a raincoat, whether you are travelling in summer or winter.

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    Plan to visit the beautiful architecture

    If you are in England for a short stay, your journey is likely to start from London, the capital city. However, it is highly recommended that you plan to visit the beautiful architecture in the country, including the amazing buildings of Oxford and Cambridge.

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