Top 10 Things To Do on Holiday in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of the major cities of China and apart from its economic and other importance; the city is hub for tourist with thousands of foreigners going there every year. While in Hangzhou one cannot ignore to do following things before leaving.


  • 1

    West Lake in Hangzhou

    Located to the west of Hangzhou, the West Lake is said to be the most beautiful of 36 west lakes of Hangzhou. Take the city coach and leave after breakfast in order to see the most of it.

  • 2

    Ling Yin Temple Flying Peak in Hangzhou

    China is famous for its temples and Hangzhou is a home to some of the best temples in the country. And Ling Yin Temple is the best of the lot. However, do not forget to pay a visit to temple’s Flying Peak as you can see whole city from up there.

  • 3

    Mausoleum of General Yue Fei in Hangzhou

    One of Hangzhou's most popular site, the Mausoleum of General Yue Fei was is located at Yue Fei’s temple and it is arguably the most famous tourist attraction of the Chinese city.

  • 4

    China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou

    Situated close to the West Lake, China National Silk museum is a must see place in Hangzhou. It was constructed in 1992 and the best time to pay a visit would be after 12 PM.

  • 5

    Six Harmonies Pagoda in Hangzhou

    One of the oldest places on Hangzhou, the pagoda was first constructed in 970 and is located at the Yuelen Hill.

  • 6

    Hupao Spring in Hangzhou

    It is said that Hupao Spring is one of the wonders of Hangzhou. Nestled at the foot of White Crane Peak, it is one of the major tourist attractions in the city. It is situated 5 km away from the main city and hence the travellers should keep that in mind while travelling there.

  • 7

    Qiantang River Bore in Hangzhou

    Hangzhou is blessed with lakes and rivers and Qiantang River is the largest of the lot. Apart from its other purposes, the river is a beautiful place to spend an evening with your family.

  • 8

    Wuzhen Water Town in Hangzhou Zhejiang

    If you are interested in history, Wuzhen is the place for you. It will take you one hour to reach there from Hangzhou but it is worth it. You can witness ancient buildings and town layout in its original form.

  • 9

    Ancient Town of Xitang in Hangzhou Zhejiang

    Xitang is in Jiashan County, 110km away from Hangzhou. It is an ancient town and still well preserved. If you are looking to going back in time, Xitang is the place to start with. Take a cab early in the morning because you will need as much time as you can spare for this ancient place.

  • 10

    Grand Canal

    Grand Canal is the longest man-made canal in the world and you cannot ignore going there while being in Hangzhou. Adds sensational glory to the beauty of the city.

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