Things to do on Holidays in Newcastle-upon-Tyne England

Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a city located in the Northeast of England. The city is popular for its enthusiasm regarding music, sports and art. The city has a population of 250,000, but including the surrounding urban area, its population is almost 1 million. The city was first established as a Roman settlement by Pons Aelius. However, the city received its name by the castle that was built by Robert II, Duke of Normandy. The city has been a major center for wool trade, coal-mining, shipbuilding and repairing on different occasions. However, the city is more of a cultural and business hub in the northeast now, along with having arguably one of the best nightlife in Great Britain. The town is also the home of the Geordie culture, having a rich history in music and local dance.


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    The most important thing for the town is football, which is often considered as a matter of more serious priority than even religion by the local residents. The town is represented by Newcastle United Football Club, which plays in the top tier of English football. The club plays its home games at the St. James Park, and has became an important part of the local culture. One must attend a Newcastle United game, while staying in the town.

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    The Tyne Bridge is a through-arch bridge that’s considered as an engineering marvel since the time of its construction. The bridge lies over the River Tyne, and joins the cities of Newcastle and Gateshead. The Tyne Bridge is considered to be an important part of the town, one that’s set to reflect the modern Newcastle-upon-Tyne. While visiting the bridge, one should consider taking a stroll at the quayside, which can prove to be a memorable experience.

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    The Central Arcade is a shopping arcade in Newcastle that exhibits the Victorian era architecture. The arcade is a must-visit for tourists who are new to the city, as it includes the Tourist Information Bureau.

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    When in Newcastle, do not forget to visit the Castle. The Castle Keep is one of the main fortifications still remaining, representing the medieval era of the region. The site is in the center of Newcastle, lying east of the Newcastle Central Station. There is also a fortified Gatehouse, which is hardly 23 meters away from the keep.

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    The Grainger Town is based around the classical streets built by Richard Grainger during the mid-18th century. The street was voted as one of the finest in England in 2005, and is the venue to some of the finest buildings in the city. Moreover, the neighborhood also has a shopping district by the name of Grainger Market which is a crowded place to be.

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    The St. Nicolas Cathedral is popular among the locals for its Vampire Rabbit gargoyle that's situated just above the entrance to the cathedral. The reason behind the presence of this rabbit is unknown, even to the locals, and is deemed mysterious.

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    Summers are exciting and full of fun in Newcastle, with several festivals and events taking place in the city. The biggest traveling festival in Europe, known as the Hoppings takes place in June. While August is the month for the annual Mela, which is celebrated by the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities of the city.

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    If you're looking for a fine dining experience, then the Bigg Market is the right place to visit. The market has several restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine including Italian, Indian, Greek, Vietnamese and Lebanese.

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    The city also has five departmental store that offer almost everything. These include Fenwick, John Lewis, Debenhams, TJ Hughes and Marks and Spencer.

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    Newcastle is also well-known for its nightlife. If you're looking to party then the city is just right for you. You can easily find a bar or a pub around the community, with Quayside, Jesmond and Ouseburn among the popular destinations.

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