Things to do in Los Angeles

While the list of places to watch during an expedition to the Los Angeles is long, there are certain spots one should never forget visiting, as without sighting them, the whole adventure will be incomplete. From richly stocked museums to the huge libraries, and Rodeo Drive to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there is a lot to enjoy and remember for a long time.

Besides displays of modern structures of buildings and architectural designs, antique and centuries old monuments are preserved there and put for exhibition before the visitors. In order to make the most of the journey at Los Angeles, following points must be remembered.


  • 1

    Roam around Rodeo Drive

    One cannot overlook the place, which is often seen in high profile movies, consisting of shops selling expensive designer clothes. Just the superficial overview of it cannot let you understand the real significance of this gigantic designers market.

    Shop by shop visit and asking the prices of the merchandises being sold there will open up new dimensions in your mind as to the extent of the extravagant life being adopted by the people living there. So, even if you do just a window shopping, the place is worth attending from a learning point of view.

  • 2

    Stand with celebrities in Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Have pictures taken with your favourite actors, as sculptures of the majority of the Hollywood stars are installed in this building.

  • 3

    Observe modus operandi of The Los Angeles Conservancy

    Those, concerned about the decay of old monuments in their native countries, should not forget to learn about the way The Los Angeles Conservancy is working in the city and keeping antique structures present there from complete destruction.

  • 4

    Explore The Getty Center

    Perhaps investigating materials demonstrated in the museum, The Getty Center is the best part of coming to the Los Angeles. It is because it hosts a wide collection of paintings of renowned artists. Above all, the manuscripts from golden age to the present day life are also available.

  • 5

    Visit the picturesque venue Venice Beach

    It is the best location for taking pictures and making fun. For relaxation and eating meals, it is probably the most comfortable place to stay and make gossips with friends, if they are accompanying you.

  • 6

    Griffith Observatory

    It provides an eye soothing spectacle, so it must be a part of the list of locations to be attended at the earliest.

  • 7

    Grand Central Market

    For buying goods to take back home, the larger portion of the shopping should be done from this market.

  • 8

    Los Angeles public library

    Ransacking books in the Los Angeles public library can easily result in the finding of those, matching your interest, as a huge collection of the stuff collected from all over the world is present there.

  • 9

    Canal walk

    Use Canal walk in the Los Angeles to recall memories you just went through while exploring the city.

  • 10

    Japanese American National Museum

    Those, who want to know about the blend of American and Japanese culture, should devote some time staying at this museum.

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