Things to do in Goa, India

If you love travelling and are looking to spend some quality vacation time, then Goa is the place to be. In this sun-soaked East meets West state, the Indian culture intertwines with the Portuguese culture which left its influences due to a 500-year occupation. From north to south the place can be seen crawling with tourists due to its tourist friendly environment. Mosques, temples and wildlife sanctuaries give diversions to this holiday resort.


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    Spend your honeymoon

    If you have recently got married or are planning to, then you better make serious plans of spending your honeymoon in this earthly haven. The place is best for newly wedded couples with outstanding sights and sounds which will leave you with pleasant memories. This place has everything for everyone, if you and your spouse enjoy diverse cultures and their history then you will find many locations, old and new, to your interest.

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    Goa’s top attraction is its beaches. The first thing after landing here is to take a ride to the local beaches which have world class facilities for your convenience.

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    Fishing is another fun thing you can do here. There are many destinations where you can be taken by your guide to catch some of the finest fish in the region.

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    This is another thing that you can do in this part of the world; it will certainly be worth your money.

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    If you like to shop or at least if your girlfriend has this habit then you will probably need to carry hard cash or a working credit card because Goa’s shopping markets will leave you with empty pockets, as you will be able to find almost anything exotic that you want to buy from a place like this. From clothing to decorations Goa markets have got it all and more.

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    Fairs, Festivals & Events

    Goa always has some festival or an event going on which catches the eyes of tourists from all over the world.

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    Night Life

    To a Westerner’s surprise, Goa’s night life is very active with clubs open all night long, providing visitors with good music, dance and drinks. If you have had a hectic day or chose to sleep the day off, then it is time to party with so many night clubs at your disposal.

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    Goa for kids

    Goa isn’t an attraction just for adults, but there is so much for the kids as well. You can have your children riding elephants or take them out to sea with you.

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    Visit the Old Goa

    Goa has evolved over the decades but the old Goa still stands even today. You must take some time to visit these historical places.

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    Visit spice farms

    Goa's tropical climate and exotic forests make it an ideal location to grow spices. Visiting these spice farms is a must.

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