How to Plan a Beach Wedding on a Tight Budget

Everyone is going through a tough time in their lives ever since the financial crunch which took place in 2007, breaking down the markets all around the globe. A normal person doesn’t have enough money to enjoy the luxuries of life so everything has to be forecasted and budgeted. Each and everything in today’s world has to be to the point and no excess if affordable. Similarly, marriage is an event that requires immense investment and sometimes one of the two parties included in the gesture can require cutting down the finances for one reason or another. Hence, a little planning beforehand for a wedding that is supposed to take place at a beach can fulfil the dream of both (bride and bridegroom) and at the same time keep everything in a controllable budget. Keep it simple but affective; choose smartly about every aspect of the wedding and not surprisingly people have been able to pull off a beach wedding in less than a triple figure dollar value. Can you believe it?


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    You can see if you can afford a private beach because you will have to pay for it but it will be reserved for your wedding. No payment is required for public beach but you can’t keep other visitors away from your wedding area. So, decide if you can afford a private beach booking. Search for a private beach that doesn’t cost you anything. Maybe you are lucky enough to have something like that in your town or city.

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    Decide which date is suitable for your wedding and what time will the actual ceremony take place. Call a small group of people which include your first family, friends and some nearby neighbours; depends who you want to call. For a public beach, you should choose such a time when it is not populated.

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    Find some official authority who can allow you a permit for a wedding at a private beach or find someone who can actually arrange you a wedding platform at a public beach. It is not easy, trust me. Call around and check with people who can be associated with such activities.

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    Choose the wedding dress that both of you will wear on that day. It all depends on your liking. A simple sundress can help because it is cheap but yet impressive.

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    Invite everyone. Set up a stage with some flowers. Order two dish food at max. Save money.

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