How to Pick a Spot on the Beach

If you have easy access to a beach which happens to be located in your region, you can consider yourself very lucky. Having a beach nearby allows you to have a splendid time, and you can relax in natural, picturesque settings. In addition to allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature, the beach can also serve as the perfect place to spend the weekend with friends and family, or even host parties and weekend barbecues.

Everyone’s preferred beach activity is different – some go to the beach on weekends with friends or family for a fun day out, others prefer to go for surfing, or other sports like beach volleyball, and the beauty conscious like to utilise beaches for tanning purposes. In order to make the most of the time that you spend on the beach, you must be able to pick the right spot to settle down; however, the perception of what the perfect spot on the beach is can vary due to personal preferences.


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    Picking the right spot on the beach is one of the most crucial things for regular surfers. If you are new at surfing, you must not choose the points where the water is at its roughest and the waves at their most challenging. In fact, you should go for spots where the waves are smooth and rolling, with deep water underneath. Surfing near a reef is not recommended for new surfers, and will only increase your chances of getting injured.

    Surfing at a crowded beach is also not recommended for beginners. You should look for a beach spot where there are little to no people, and you can easily find and tackle different types of waves.  While practicing surfing, you will most likely get very distracted and irritated if somebody comes in your way.

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    Family fun

    Everyone wants the very best for his/her family, and if you manage to get your whole family to the beach for a fun day in the sun, choosing the right spot is crucial, in order to make it a perfect day for all.

    In order to have fun and enjoy your time with your family, you need a spot which is neither overcrowded nor isolated. You will also need a spot which is close to the refreshment stands, so it is easy to grab something to eat and/or drink. In addition, you have to ensure that the beach spot is close to the washrooms - this is especially important if you have lots of kids with you.

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    People who often go to the beach for tanning are very particular about the spot they pick on the beach. You will never be able to tan peacefully if the spot you pick is filled with lots of people. On top of that, you also have to select a spot where there are plenty of sun rays to soak up, and the sunlight is not obstructed by too many natural or artificial shades.

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