How to Pack for a Winter Trip to Western Europe

Winters in Western Europe are wet and relatively warmer than the eastern side. The countries included in Western Europe are Luxembourg, Ireland, Holland, France, Britain and Belgium. However, some other parts can also get cold after the rains. Planning a vacation in Western Europe can be great fun with the great scenery and weather. However, packing for the period can be a bit of a challenge if you are not familiar with the climate of the area. Our step by step guide makes the task easier for you and guides you on how to pack your luggage for a wonderful and comfortable stay there.


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    Get a back pack or roller bag that is easy to carry and move. The size of the bag depends on the amount of luggage that you have. A roller bag is easy to move because of the rollers but is not good for rough surfaces.

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    Place slacks and khakis in the luggage. Jeans take up space but is a lifesaver and goes with nearly all occasions. The types of garments you choose depend on the activities you plan to carry out. Place button down shirts for formal events and t shirts for informal ones. You will need at least one winter coat.

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    Get thick and warm comfortable boots to survive you the trip. Thick walking boots are an essential, especially if you are going to rough terrains.  Also pack in any informal open sandals that you will be wearing indoors.  Do not forget a good number of pair of socks to go with the shoes. A thermal underwear is going to help you keep warm in the cold. You can also pack in anything to cover your head like a scarf or a woolen cap.

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    Fold everything neatly and pack in the luggage. The stuff is going to take less space if you pack it in a good manner. Pack a pouch of your hygiene products including your tooth brush, floss, hair brush, lotion etc. Place it in a pocket inside the bag if there is any. If there isn’t any, place it next to the clothes and shoes.

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    Do not forget to pack in any official documents that you are going to need. Keep them at the top of everything so that you can access theme easily when needed and do not have to look through everything.

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