How to Pack For a Beach Vacation

During summers, hanging out at the beach is one of the first things that come into your mind. However, packing for the beach can be difficult and discouraging. You need to take food, clothes, toiletries and most importantly the sunscreen. A proper planning of the beach trip should be done before leaving the comforts of your house. By gathering all the things you will need at the beach, you can enjoy your trip. You will face no problem at the Beach if you go there with proper planning.


  • 1

    Beach bag

    You can load tour beach bag with all the stuff you will require. This will provide you space besides carrying beach towels, sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • 2

    Plan ahead

    A small backpack can be carried by each person who hit the sand. Every person can take his bathing suit, sandals, personal beach towel and his other belongings which he carries into the beach. A person’s book, magazine or even a shovel should also be placed inside his backpack.

  • 3

    Prepare for a bad weather

    In case there is a bad weather or a rainy day when you hit the beach then you should be prepare for it. You need to carry playing cards, new magazines, new colouring books and small crafts for kids in this scenario. You can also carry paperback books, board games or even a PSP in order to be prepared for rainy days.

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    You should carry snacks with you even if you have rented a hotel or a house there. You can make individual snack bags or compile snacks for everyone in a plastic container. Gather chips, dry food items, sandwiches, snack bars and cereals when hitting the beach.

  • 5

    Make the list

    You should make the list when planning a trip to a beach. Make a list of every person going and then write down what each person will carry. Also jolt down the things you will be taking with you.

  • 6

    Travel lightly

    Do not take everything at the beach. Only take the essential items in order to travel as lightly as you can. If not then you will be carrying all the stuff and taking care of it instead of enjoying on the sand.

  • 7


    You can take advantage of the internet and forecast the weather of the beach before going. In case it is expected to rain or a bad weather then its better you change the date of your beach trip.

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