Top 10 Most Deadly Hurricanes in the World

Exploitation of natural resources has left a negative impact on the climate and ultimately results in natural calamities. Floods, earthquakes and hurricanes are few examples of such calamities. Though, hurricanes do no hit the world often but they are very deadly as they spread a path of destruction.

A hurricane is basically a combination of a storm surge and flooding water. However, fast moving wind doubles the intensity and makes it difficult for people to survive or move out of the affected area. There have been some large and deadly hurricanes observed in the past and their destructive impacts still haunt many.


  • 1

    Bhopal Cyclone:

    It was way back in 1970 when people of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh suffered a deadly disaster that took the life of around 300,000 to 500,000 people. Though, it was a third category hurricane but still it made the life of people so miserable that they could not come out of its influence for years.

  • 2

    Hurricane Katrina:

    Hurricane Katrina is one of the most destructive storms in American history as it damaged property worth $80 billion. Moreover, the death toll reached to 2000. During this natural calamity, the government of United States failed to help and evacuate the victims.

  • 3

    Hurricane Andrew:

    In 1992, areas like Bahamas, Florida and Louisiana of the United States were hit by Hurricane Andrew. Though, the loss was not much and just 26 people died but still the havoc caused is considered as one of the most deadly hurricanes in the world.

  • 4

    Hurricane Kenna:

    On October 25th, 2002, Kenna targeted Mexico and damaged property worth $101 million. Fortunately, the death toll remained low due to effective planning.

  • 5

    Galveston Hurricane:

    This hurricane struck Galveston in 1900 and it was so strong that it wiped out the whole island. A huge number of people lost their life. That is why it is still remembered as the Great Storm of 1900.

  • 6

    Florida Keys and Corpus Christi, Texas:

    Though, it has been more than 90 years but still history remembers this hurricane that took the life of around 1000 people. Due to the intensity, it was declared a category 4 hurricane.

  • 7

    Hurricane Ivan:

    This category 5 hurricane hit gulf shores in Alabama and wiped out the area. It led to more than 120 deaths and demolished property worth $19 million.

  • 8

    Typhoon Nina:

    This hurricane hit China with a bang and caused floods by destroying the great Banqiao dam. The death toll reached to 100,000 as the damage was considerable.

  • 9

    Hurricane Iniki:

    Though, this hurricane was very intense but still people managed to reduce the damage with an effective strategy. The government of Hawaii declared an emergency a couple of days before the storm and provided rescue facilities to the people. However, financial damages were about $1.8 billion.

  • 10

    Hurricane Ike:

    With $32 billion in damage and a death toll of 195, hurricane Ike is undoubtedly the most deadly storm in history. It affected the United States, Cuba, Turkey, Brahma, Bengal and the coast of Pakistan.

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