How to Make Curtains with a Beach Theme

Many of us like to visit beaches to spend some fun-filled time with our friends and family. You will realise that the atmosphere present at any beach is so soothing and pleasant that you start to feel relaxed. What if you have such feeling at your home? Wouldn’t that be great? You can make certain arrangements in decorating your room in such a way that you will feel like being on a beach. As the starter, you have to make curtains with beach theme to help you get that beach feeling all the time.


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    For preparing curtains, you first need to determine their size. Measure the dimensions of the window and the curtain rod in your room and write them down. You will now have an idea of the size of curtains you require for your room.

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    The style of curtains matters a lot and it depends upon the suitability of your room. If you have got longer windows in your room, longer curtains which brush or come very closer to the floor will look appropriate. However, if you have a small window to cover, lesser bulky curtains, which merely brush the bottom of it, will be appropriate.

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    The fabric of your window curtains also matters a lot. Cotton or gauze-like fabric is considered more appropriate for the smaller and lighter curtains, whereas, drape-like fabric should be used for making larger window curtains for your room.

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    Next you have to determine what sort of beach theme you desire in your room. Brightly coloured fabrics, with pictures of fish, waves and printings of shells and other marine creatures can be found in the market. However, these sorts of themes are ideal for children’s room. For an adult’s room, you require to have a beach-themed fabric, such as sand or pale blue colour with shells imprinted in a different tone of the similar colour, can be very attractive. This won’t allow your room’s decor to be very loud and serve as a perfect beach theme at the same time.

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    Now you need to make curtains out of the fabric you selected. Cut the fabric in two equal halves and iron 1/8 inch fold around the curtains.

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    Use a sewing machine to sew that ironed fold in its place. Iron another ½ inch and sew this fold along the edges.

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    For making the curtain loops, cut out 10 pieces of 4-by-7 inch strips of fabric and sew each piece around the ½ inch fold you made earlier. You have to pin up the strips such a way that loops are formed for hanging the curtains.

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