Top 10 Most Exotic Romantic Places for Honeymoon

A romantic honeymoon is the start of a fun filled and intimate relationship for any married couple. Although the most important factor is the love and care shared between the couple, the place selected for the honeymoon also makes a huge difference. There are several honeymoon destinations around the world which attract a large number of couples each year.

Some of these are famous for the natural beauty while others boast of the facilities built on them like resorts and tours.

The top ten most exotic romantic places for honeymoon have been selected on basis of ratings by several honeymoon specialists.


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    Paris is 'the' most romantic place on earth. It offers great luxury to couples and also amazing architecture and art. Take a picture with the famous Eifel tower, enjoy the rich food, roam around in the streets or just stay together in the luxurious rooms.

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    Maldives- Indian Ocean

    Maldives is covered by palm fringed beaches with white sand and tropical vegetation. There are many cruises which give you a tour of the islands and also offer multiple activities: fishing, water ski or just sunbathing. It is a great place to relax together in the sun.

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    The place has a unique charm attached to it. It is renowned worldwide for its dazzling beaches, crystal clear water and greenery. Bring out your romantic side in this garden of heaven.

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    It is called “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. There are four major islands and remarkable species of plants and birds. The couple can enjoy various activities together: hiking, swimming etc, not to mention the beuatiful resorts which embellish the place.

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    It is the perfect stop for couples who want to shop and have some adventure. Go for dessert safari, cruise dinners, gold souks and modern shopping mall having all sorts of innovations. It is a guaranteed satisfying honeymoon.

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    Bora Bora, Tahiti

    Present your newly wedded wife with a Tahitian pearl. The coast of bora bora is very pretty and perfect for a romantic walk. The place offers relaxation coupled with great sightseeing.

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    The place is an amalgamation of awesome scenery, sensational blue water, exotic weather and wildlife. It is a once in a lifetime experience to share with your partner.

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    The island gives you white sand, sunshine and pure blue water. Uncover the marine life by going reef diving together. There is also a turtle island resort specifically for couples.

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    It is an exotic place and a choice for many newly married couples. Divide your time between the hustle of  Bangkok and the beautiful islands. There is so much to savour in this country.

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  • 10

    Las Vegas

    The place is associated with weddings often and is a great choice for honeymoon. The luxurious suites of  some of the top hotels give a beautiful view of the city, not to mention the luxuries, and the casinos will keep you busy.

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