Things to do on Holidays in Bruges Belgium

One of the largest cities in Belgium and definitely one of the most culturally astute, Bruges is worth a definite visit especially if you’re looking to explore the historical and traditional side of the Belgians.


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    Historic Centre of Brugge

    After being declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the city centre has gained notable acclamation throughout Europe and also acts a major tourist attraction, with many flocking to the area regularly.

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    Basilica of the Holy Blood:

    As a monument allegedly showcasing the blood of Jesus Christ, this locality holds particular affinity for Christians, but most visitors routinely pay a visit in order to enjoy the architectural marvel that surrounds it.

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    Minnewater Lake:

    For those who wish to enjoy the peaceful serenity of nature, do take a stroll around Minnewater Lake, where the calm water and generally upbeat atmosphere will help you relax and escape from your worries.

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    Jan Breydelstadion:

    Bruges is also home to two footballing side and as such provides ready-made entertainment for fans of the beautiful game. Both Club Brugge K.V. and Cercle Brugge play at the same stadium and witnessed a feisty derby between the two might just be one of the most iconic moments in the city.

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    Cafe Rose Red:

    There’s no doubt that Belgium is famous for its food and so in order to sample top class cuisine at a mid-price ranges, why not head on to Cafe Rose Red, which is also a renowned Bruges spot for romance.

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    Park Restaurant:

    Catering to the demand of exquisite French cuisine, the Park Restaurant not only dishes up decadent bouillabaisse but the most tempting frites you will ever sample in the region.

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    Ribs 'n Beer:

    For top class Barbeque, steaks and an array of juicy meats, Ribs ‘n Beer is the place to be. Fillet Mignons, Tenderloins, Ribs everything is of the highest quality and will usually leave diners ravenous for more.

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    Bonobo Apart Hotel:

    As one of the highest rated hotels in Bruges, Bonobo commands a high price, but the luxurious service they offer at the helm is definitely worth splash the cash if you can accommodate it in your budget.

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    Prinsenhof Hotel:

    A small but genuinely comfortable place to stay, the Prinsenhof is certainly a popular hotel and as they provide personalized services to their clients and have a specific aim to please.

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    Hotel Ter Duinen:

    However, if you are searching for quality at a low price, there is simply no other choice but Ter Duinen, which is rated very favourably by the locals as well.

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