How to Get to Fenway Park

Home to the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is among the most historic ball parks, and certainly the oldest still in use, dating back to April 20, 1912. Famous features of the park include The Green Monster (the colossal 7-foot left field wall), and the park has been the site for countless landmark moments in baseball history, such as the hand-waving home run of Carlton Fisk.

If you happen to have tickets to a Red Sox game, you will need to make it to Fenway Park well before the game starts, and this will require you to chalk out a route, and plan well in advance.


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    You will need to begin by deciding which method of transport you plan to use in order to get to the park – for this, you can either use your own car, or use public transport. Since it takes hours to get through the rush hour in which games begin, to find parking space and then to get from the parking lot to the stadium, public transport is generally a more convenient option, in addition to being eco-friendly. This will also save you from having to pay the exorbitant parking fees.

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    Three stops are available with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority’s (MBTA) commuter rail line or subway, which are within walking distance of Fenway Park. The commuter rail line will work for those coming from outside the city, while the subway will work for those coming from within the city, from nearby suburbs like Boston, Cambridge, and the like – simply take a connection to the Green Line and you can reach the park from anywhere within the city.

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    If you are travelling via the commuter rail line, get off at the Yawley Station on the Farmingham/Worchester Line, which drops travellers off within 500 feet of Fenway Park. If you are coming via the Green Line subway, the Kenmore Square station will drop you off on the other side of Interstate 90. From here, you can head westwards towards Boston University on Commonwealth Avenue. Take a left turn on Brookline, head under the Interstate, and you will come within sight of Fenway Park.

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    If you are travelling southwards from Riverside, then get off at the Fenway Park station, which will drop you off .3 miles from the ballpark. From here, it is a 9-minute walk to Fenway Park, as you walk southwards towards the public parks on Park Drive, take a left turn Brookline Avenue, and then cut a path which heads in a northeast direction, until the park comes into sight.

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    Whether you travel by public or private transport, it is important to get directions beforehand, and even print out a map so you can consult it if you get confused about directions. Visit the official Red Sox website, and click on “Fenway Park” at the top of your screen. This will take you to another page, where you will select “Directions and Parking”. The next page that opens up will have a drop down menu which will offer you a multitude of options in regards to how you plan to get to Fenway Park. Select the option that you will be using (automobile, subway, rail, bus, etc), and the direction from which you will be coming on the map – you will be provided with step by step directions. Print this out, and you’ll be all set.

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