How to Make Hop Bets In Casino Craps

Craps is a dice game in casinos, where players gamble on the outcome of the roll. The game involves a combination of expertise and luck, which has players betting against each other or the casino.

A hop bet is a one roll wager where you call out on the outcome of the next roll. If you guess the right combination on the roll, you will be rewarded well with the odds being 15-1. These change if you make a call the hard way.


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    First you will need to remember the ways in which each bet can be hopped. For 6s, 7s and 8s, one can use any of the three hops. As for 4s, 5s, 9s and 10s, there are two ways to hop.

    Furthermore, there are easy ways to hop the dice, and hard way. For instance, you can hop 6s the easy way i.e. 5, 1 and 4,2, and the hard way 3, 3. Same goes for the other even numbers 4 ( 2,2 – hard way – 3,1 – easy) , 8 ( 4,4 is  the hard way while 5,3 and 6,2 being the easy way) and 10 ( 5,5 and 6, 4). The latter can be hopped in only two ways, as do 5s and 9s.

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    The player who rolls the dice is called the shooter. There are various sections on the board where you can place your bets. These lines are commonly referred to as the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass line.

    There are two phases in each round – ‘come-out ‘and ‘point’. The crap table has four dealers or casino employees - A boxman, two base dealers and a stick man. The boxman will supervise the game, while the base dealers will collect bets. The stickman carries a wooden stick to collect the dice and payments from the center of the table.

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    You will call the dice combination, along with the dollar amount. For instance Hop 7s for 5 dollars. This refers to placing bet on any combination from 6, 1, 5,3 and 4,3. Usually you will be paid 15:1. So if you placed a five dollars bet on Two and Three Hopping, you will be earning 75. However if you miss the combination, then you will lose your five dollars. If you want to cash your earning, call out – ‘bring my hop bet down’.

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