6 Most Crowded Places on Earth

It is always easy so survive in a city with nominal population. There are people who don’t have a problem while they live in crowded cities such as Tokyo or even New York. However, there are others who do not really like the idea of living with large crowds. That is why they try to settle in places which are less crowded and they are a little secluded.

We have managed to gather information regarding the most crowded places on earth. Whether it is a city, a parking lot, a bridge or even a prison; this list has it all. Scroll down and be surprised about how people actually survive in places like these. A few are extremely shocking to say the least.


  • 1

    Mongkok Commercial and Residential District

    This area is known for its extremely high population. Found in Hong Kong, the district has over 340,000 people per square mile.

  • 2

    George Washington Bridge

    This is the most crowded and also the most famous bridge in the world. It is located in New York and it has two levels with a total of fourteen lanes. Despite these many roads running through this bridge, it is still always crowded by cars.

  • 3

    Panama Canal

    Panama Canal is the world’s most crowded waterway. It was recently designed to carry 80 million tonnes of cargo in a year. However, now it has to handle 300 million tonnes and it is becoming a huge problem for all the ships that set sail through it.

    panama canal
  • 4

    Tokyo Summerland

    Tokyo Summerland is actually a swimming pool; and the most crowded swimming pool ever. It is said that there is barely any space for a person to swim here as it is always full of people. The awkward thing about such pools is the fact that people still go there even though they never get to swim.

    tokyo summerland
  • 5

    Mall of America

    Mall of America, located near the twin cities in Minnesota, receives approximately 40 million people in a single year. This is the reason why it is considered to be the most crowded shopping centre in the world.

    mall of america
  • 6

    Kresty Prison

    This prison is found in Russia and it was actually built for only 3,000 inmates. However, the crime rate has been so high in the area that it now holds 10,000 people. This is why it is the most crowded prison in the world.

    kresty prison

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