How to Stay at Louisville’s Historic Rocking Horse Manor

Louisville’s Historic Rocking Horse Manor can be great place if you are planning to stay somewhere historic and exotic.

Rocking Horse Manor, which has stood since 1888, still gives glimpses of its old grandeur and looks, and  has been restored to give the visitors the real taste of historic mansions.

If you are planning to visit Louisville, Kentucky, count Rocking Horse Manor in – you will simply love to stay in the mansion. The mansion not only boasts original hand-carved fireplace, pocket doors and stained glass, but it also lets you enjoy modern conveniences that a visitor cannot ignore.


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    Visit the website

    Before make a visit to the place, surf through the official website of the mansion and try to note down as much information as you can. The official website of the Rocking Horse Manor is

    Most of the  information you need in order make a trip to the mansion can be found on the website. Some basic information which you will need initially includes charges of stay (it is up to you to decide how many nights you want to stay), rooms, amenities, meal and breakfast, courtyard and guests rooms.

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    Check availability

    Check with the website administrators or the Rocking Horse Manor’s officials to see if the rooms are available for stay. The mansion is usually busy during holidays and summer season and it gets extremely difficult to book a stay. Go the tab 'Check availability' on the website and follow the guidelines to see whether any rooms are vacant.

    This website section will ask you about details like arrival date and the number of nights you plan to stay.

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    Get visitor’s information

    Be sure to get visitor’s information from the website. You should be aware that guest rates can vary greatly depending on the number of nights you plan to spend at the mansion. Usually it is $105 to $195 for a single night. This package typically comes with amenities like trade shows and special events like Derby.

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    Enjoy the guest rooms

    The Rocking Horse Manor boasts restored guest rooms reflecting true spirit of 1888 Richardsonian Romanesque. There are rooms at the second and third floor where you can relax and have breakfast.

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    Enjoy Irish Rose room

    The Irish room is a Rocking Horse Manor special. The room is small, but quite comfortable and historic. It has a small balcony, looking over at a line of neighboring houses.

    Louisville's Historic Rocking Horse Manor

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