How to Get Theme Park Ticket Discounts From Disney

Walt Disney World in Florida (including two water parks, four theme parks, and several other entertainment areas), and Disneyland in California (including a wide variety of rides and entertainment), are quite possibly the most popular themed amusement parks in the world – however, unfortunately for avid amusement-park goers, tickets can be excessively expensive.

If you are interested in exploring the parks and enjoying the rides on offer, but low on cash, there are several methods you can use to save money while buying tickets.


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    Firstly, visit the official Disney website, in order to figure out if they have any special ticket prices and deals for the dates on which you plan to visit the park. There might be different deals available (such as standalone sales or discounts that come with a hotel vacation package), depending on when you visit the park, so keep an eye out for these in order to enjoy Disney amusement parks at a discount.

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    Get in touch with local travel agents when you begin planning your trip – they will generally be aware of any discounts available, or any deals that are either currently on offer, or will be scheduled to come soon. They also might have access to special resources. In addition, it can also help if you buy a ticket that has no expiration date – this way, if you return to Disney in the future, you can avoid any increased prices, and purchase tickets at the current rate.

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    Determine exactly which tickets your family will need during the visit, and buy the deals that suit your family’s specific needs. If there is a particular area of the theme park that your family plans to visit, buy tickets for the rides in this part alone – in this case, you can save by not adding the park-hopper option to your base Disney tickets (since you will be staying in one theme park all day).

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    Use your military ID to avail discounts for Disney theme park tickets. This way you can purchase lower-priced tickets by contacting your local military office. However, you will need to take your military ID along with you when you visit the park, in order to provide verification for the discount.

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    Another way to obtain Disney theme park ticket discounts is to buy an AAA membership, with which you can take advantage of exclusive discounted deals. These may vary by location, but you can more than make up for the price of the AAA membership with all the great deals and discounts on offer.

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