Top 10 Civilizations that were Ruined

The dawn of civilisation in a number of different regions of the world is believed to have taken place between 8,000 and 5,000 BC. That is when mankind gave up the nomadic way of life and started living in permanent homes. Some of the ancient civilisations were destroyed in war while others succumbed to the wrath of nature. All across the globe, ruins of some of these ancient civilisations still exist. These ruins hold archaeological and historical importance and a number of amazing facts have been discovered about the human race through the study of these ruins.


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    Mycenaean Civilisation

    It is believe that the Mycenaean Civilisation flourished in Greece between 1600 and 1100 BC as a result of the collapse of Minoan Crete in the Bronze Age. The Mycenaean Civilisation saw its downfall as a result of an uprising by the Dorians.

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    Minoan Civilisation

    The Minoan Civilisation is probably the most ancient civilisation in the world. It flourished during the Bronze Age, between 27th century BC and 15th century BC. It is believed that a huge volcanic eruption brought about the downfall of this civilisation.

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    Khmer Empire Civilisation

    Khmer Empire was the most powerful of all ancient Southeast Asian empires. Ruins of the Khmer Empire Civilisation can still be found in Cambodia. Historians claim that this civilisation flourished from 9th to 13th century BC.

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    Egyptian Civilisation

    The Egyptian Civilisation flourished in modern day Egypt along the river Nile. The Great Pyramids of Giza were built during this civilisation. It is believed that the ancient Egyptian Civilisation flourished between 3050 BC and 332 BC.

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    Kingdom of Kush Civilisation

    Kingdom of Kush (modern day Sudan) was established at the end of the Bronze Age. It stayed on the world map between 1070 BC and 350 AD. The people of this civilisation were known for their skills in making weapons and jewellery. Kingdom of Kush saw its downfall due to an invasion by rulers of the Aksumite Empire.

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    Inca Civilisation

    The Inca Civilisation is believed to have been the most prosperous civilisation in pre-Columbian America. It flourished between 1438 and 1533 and saw its downfall as a result of the Spanish Conquest which was led by Francisco Pizarro.

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    Celtic Civilisation

    Historians claims that the Celtic Civilisation flourished in the Iron Age and Medieval Europe. The Stonehenge, a world famous archaeological site, was built by this civilisation. Romans became of the cause of the downfall of this civilisation.

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    Mayan Civilisation

    The Mayan Civilisation flourished from second to ninth century AD. The famous Mayan Calendar which is still used in some parts of the modern day world was started during this time.

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    Roman Empire Civilisations

    Probably one of the greatest and most powerful of all ancient civilisations, the Roman civilisation thrived from 27 BC to 476 AD in the west and 330 AD to 1453 AD in the east. Romans excelled in almost all fields of life and made numerous contributions to historical art and culture.

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    Indus Valley Civilisation

    Ruins of Indus Valley Civilisation or Bronze Age Civilisation flourished along the River Indus in modern day Pakistan. ‘Aryans’ invaded the civilisation and brought about its downfall in 1953 BC.

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