How to Go Skiing in Wolf Laurel, North Carolina

Wolf Laurel, located in the western North Carolina, is a great place for winter skiing because of its beautiful mountains spread over 5,000 acres. The charming small-town atmosphere attracts a lot of skiing lovers each year. The area is also famous for its Wolf Ridge Ski Resort that features a beautiful and safe area for skiing.

So, if you love skiing and live anywhere in North Carolina, then nothing can be better than to choose Wolf Laurel as your destination for spending a great time on the mountains.


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    Visit Wolf Ridge Ski Resort’s official website and book your accommodations. There are many options available while choosing an accommodation directly at Wolf Ridge Ski Resort.

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    You can also choose from a number of  recognised hotels located near Wolf Ridge. You can find great accommodation plans at moderate prices. Search for the plans offered by different hotels and go for the one that suits your needs and budget.

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    If you are low on your budget, then you can also go for different bed and breakfasts accommodations, scattered throughout Wolf Laurel.

    Should you choose to go with this option, then you may not get the internal standards service which you receive in hotels, however, you will still be able to enjoy your stay due to high standards of personal service and hospitality provided by people in the area.

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    For skiing in North Carolina, you do not need to be an expert skier. You can enjoy your trip to Wolf Ridge by getting private lessons at reasonable prices. Also, you can join resort ski school to receive high quality training from some of the best skiers in town.

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    Before leaving for skiing, you should check the ski report about a particular trail on Wolf Ridge’s website, to check if the trail is open for skiing.

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    In order to book your ticket or to reserve a spot for skiing, you should contact the Wolf Ridge Ski Resort officials. You can contact them by leaving them a message through their website, or can also make a direct call at their number, 1-800-817-4111.

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    If you are travelling with a group, then you can make your reservations by filling out a form available of resort’s official website. You can submit the form online, or send it via mail.

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    You don't need to bring the skiing equipment along. It is available at the destination and can be rented as well.

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