Top 10 Things Europe is Famous for

Before getting ready for a trip to Europe, it is necessary to know why you should go there and which things are a must try. There are a lot of traditional yet famous things in Europe, which you should experience at least once in life. These amazing things will surprise you big time, add to your excitement and make your trip unforgettable. In this article, we have listed down 10 best things which define Europe, and without being there, you can never get the true essence of this continent.


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    Eiffel Tower:

    Capital of France, Paris, is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet and arguably the most romantic city in the world. It’s probably the best place to celebrate your wedding anniversary or honeymoon. When we talk about Paris, we cannot forget about the world-famous Eiffel Tower. You can see the entire city from the tower. More than 200 million people have visited the Eiffel tower since it was built in 1889.

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    Europe is particularly famous for making best perfumes and clones such as Givenchy, Nina Ricci, and Chanel etc.

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    Culture and tradition of Rome:

    Capital of Italy, Rome, is known for its rich culture and traditions. Historical places include Vatican, Palatine Hill, the Pantheon, the Roman Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel.

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    Michelangelo’s David:

    This masterpiece was created by Michelangelo during 1501-1504 A.D. This marble status made by the Italian artist is 17 feet long and can be seen in Accademia Gallery in Florence.

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    The history of Stonehenge is reportedly more than four thousand years old. There was no clear understanding of why it was made or who created this giant megalithic monument of antiquity until the mid-twentieth century AD when English professor and astronomerGerald Hawkins came up with an estimate and its purpose. Stonehenge is located 130 km south-west from London.

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    Architecture of Venice:

    Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city is known for its unique architecture and magnificent history. If you are an art lover, this city was made just for you.

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    The Last supper:

    This beautiful painting has been made by Leonarda Da Vinci demonstrating Jesus Christ along with his twelve disciples before he had his last supper.

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    Shopping in Berlin:

    Berlin is known for its luxury shopping centres and fine restaurants. Shopping in Berlin can bring great pleasure as the shops here are regarded as the most fashionable in the entire world.

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    Historical places of Athen:

    Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe and there are great places such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Tower of the Winds and the Arch of Hadrian, which is worth seeing.

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    Castle and cliffs of Ireland:

    If you are fond of exploring castles and cliffs, Ireland is the right place for you. Blarney Castle is the most famous among all built in the 14th century near Cork.

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