How to Make a Bed like a Hotel

The look of somewhere else other than home is always appealing, because it is human nature to like something that is not accessible all the time. One of the things that people really like is the look of a hotel bed and most find it hard to make their own look like one at home.

Instead of having to spend money to hire a maid to make your bed like one found in a hotel, learning how to do make it yourself is a lot easier and much cheaper.

Things Required:

– Sheets
– Pillows
– Pillow Covers
– Blankets


  • 1

    Sheet Size

    The first thing that needs to be seen is whether or not the sheet sizes are those of the actual bed. Unless the sheets are properly sized, it is impossible for them to look neat and clean on your bed. Make sure to use freshly washed sheets and blankets so that they have that clean smell which is associated with hotel beds.

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    Attach Sheet

    The fitted sheet comes next. Attach it to all four corners of the bed as you smoothen out any wrinkles in view with your hands to give it that professional look. Next, drape the flat sheet over the fitted one so that the top sheet is aligned with the headboard and both hang evenly over the mattress on all sides.

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    Tuck in the overhang of the sheets between the mattress and box spring so that they are not too tight. This will give them a nice clean look overall.

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    The blanket should be placed over the sheets now and be aligned with the headboard, allowing the sides to hang over the bed. Fold the blanket and place it on the bed evenly.

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    Placing the pillows of your bed is the last important step in the process of making your bed look like one in a hotel. Put on clean and fresh covers on your pillows so that they match the sheets of your bed and place them where the space between the blanket and headboard was created by folding.

    You can also place the pillows in the middle or spread them out in a line, but make sure to place them evenly so that they look like they were professionally placed and not just thrown.

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