Things to do on Holidays in Antwerp Belgium

Although established by the Spaniards, Antwerp definitely has a Belgian ring to it and has become one of the most popular destinations in the country. With scenic views, beautiful Gothic architecture and a good culinary scene, one can be charmed and delighted when visiting this relatively large city.


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    Shop at the Stadsfeestzaal (City Festival Hall):

    According to local experts, if you want to enjoy Antwerp’s array of shops and purchase quality products at discerning prices, then you should definitely check out the Stadsfeestzaal.

    Originally a City hall, the building was constructed after a fire destroyed most of the property, and that was a masterstroke, especially considering what is on display now. Mosaic floors, a huge glass dome and graceful marble staircases greet those who venture out to Meir 78.

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    Sample Belgium’s finest at:

    While visiting Belgium, it would be an unforgiveable sin to walk out without any chocolates and luckily you can find some true top-of-the-line stuff at Leonidas Chocolates.

    With every shape, size and quality in-store, one would be bewildered by the choices but the staff is there to guide you on every step of the way.

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    Enjoy world-class cuisine with De Godevaart:

    If you ask the natives about good restaurants, you are most likely to get a resounding vote in favour of De Godevaart.

    The only surprise is that with world-class service, spectacular creations and an ample wine list to complement the extensive menu, the eatery has yet to receive a Michelin star, which is something everyone in Antwerp has demanded after sampling things like Neck of Lamb with anchovies and Fillet Pur Rossini 2012 complete with Madeiras.

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    Try Belgian frites at Cafe Haute Friture:

    Frites are an Internationally famous dish from Belgium and the best way to sample them in Antwerp is the trendy but smart Cafe Haute Friture.

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    Visit the Plantin - Moretus Museum:

    Famed for its architecture and glorious history, one should definitely look to check out more of Antwerp’s historic sites. Try the Plantin - Moretus Museum, which is universally famous for having two of the oldest printing presses in the world.

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    Antwerp Zoo:

    For some truly breathtaking examples of Belgian design, visit the Central Station, but if you have young ones by your side, why not head off to the Antwerp Zoo and see creatures varying from Giraffes to fishes.

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    Watch play:

    Being home to two big footballing sides , one could look forward to seeing some cracking games if the beautiful game appeals to you. Royal Antwerp have a long-running deal with Manchester United, many of Europe’s upcoming are seen trotting the Bosuilstadion, which has previously seen the likes of Jonny Evans and Darron Gibson grace the pitch.

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    See the Belgian Pro League with Beerschot AC:

    While ahead of their local rivals in terms of their placing in the divisions, their popularity is not as high owing to Royal’s long-standing relationship with United. Nonetheless, one can look  forward to seeing top clubs such as Anderlecht perform if tickets are snapped up.

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    Stay at Hotel Julien:

    Experience luxury at its finest whilst staying at Hotel Julien, where the staff is courteous and service impeccable. Styled as a boutique hotel, quality is the order of the day and one can experience it in bundles when visiting this Antwerp-based locality.

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    Hilton Antwerp Hotel:

    Hilton have an extended branch of their world-famous hotel in the city and while it’s rates maybe on the expensive, it’s well worth a visit especially if you are looking for a private yet comfortable experience.

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