7 World’s Cheapest Places to Live

Even in the world of today where inflation is reaching new heights and resources are deteriorating for every person who is born, there are still a few places which offer a cheap living. It’s true that you might not enjoy the same luxurious life which you are enjoying in your expensive country, but things will be a lot easier for you. You will get everything for a cheaper price and that is going to elevate your standard in the society overall.

Here is a list of the top cheapest countries which we came across. They are extremely easy to live in and if you have a limited amount of money and you want to go abroad, you should probably visit these places and enjoy your vacation.


  • 1

    Karachi, Pakistan

    The City of Lights, Karachi, is actually quite cheap to live in but it comes with its own cones. You will be living in a place which is famous for different gang wars that take place. However, the city itself is quite brilliant to live in.

  • 2

    New Delhi, India

    People who live in India understand how New Delhi can be inexpensive and expensive at the same time. The whole society is divided into two and things do get really cheap once you start living here.

  • 3

    Algiers, Algeria

    It is famous for its white buildings. The amount of fuel this place as, you can buy 1 litre of petrol with just a little over a quarter.

  • 4

    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    The harbour in early Sinhalese is actually popular amongst the traders. Throughout this time this city has managed to work a lot on its economy.

  • 5

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    It is probably not the most suitable place to live in, but is definitely one of the cheapest. It serves as a gateway to the two holiest places in Islam; Mecca and Medina. You can easily buy unleaded petrol for as low as $0.13.

  • 6

    Tehran, Iran

    This is Iran’s 32nd National Capital and has been there for 220 years. An average price of 1KG loaf of bread is only $0.26.

  • 7

    Tunis, Tunisia

    This is the heart of Tunisian Economy. It has several foreign investors but the poverty and unemployment is still present.

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