Things to do on Holidays in Cambridge England

The city is home to Cambridge University, the second most oldest university in England, United Kingdom. The University inspired the Americans who used that very same model and replicated it, eventually creating the world-famous Harvard University. Apart from its rich educational background, the city also has several other attractions as well, including several museums and the countryside.


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    The King's College is a part of the Cambridge University, that was commissioned by Henry VI. The college building is a fine piece of medieval architect, and since its completion, the College has been a home to several talented young graduates.

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    The King's College was expanded with the addition of the King's College Chapel. The building exhibits marvellous Gothic architecture, and is a fascinating sight, even from a far. The Chapel took nearly 100 years for its completion, from 1446-1531. It holds great important to the locals, and is also seen on the logo of the city council.

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    The Fitzwilliam Museum is located on the Trumpington Street, and is filled with arts and antiquities from Egypt, Greece, Rome and other European regions. The Museum has nearly 300,000 visitors per year, which just goes onto highlight its reputation as a major tourist destination.

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    The Trinity College is home to that apple tree which sparked the idea of gravitation in Sir Isaac Newton's head. The gifted mathematician studied at this very college, before moving on to join the Royal Society.

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    Walking along 'The Backs' can be a soothing experience. The Backs is the area behind the King's College which is calm and peaceful. A walk through gives a real insight of the city and is highly recommended.

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    The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is a must-visit for those who have an interested in human history. The Museums has collections from all around the world including Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

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    When you are in Cambridge you must try Punting. The experience of propelling yourself in wooden boat can help you get closer to nature, and provides you a soothing experience. The Punting experience in the shallow water of River Cam shall certainly live long in your memory.

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    The city also has a Botanic Garden, which was first conceived by the Professor John Henslow, and has more than 8000 different species from around the globe. The Garden is located on a massive location of 40 acres and is an excellent destination to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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    Apart from the intellectual and literate environment of the city, there's also a more relaxed and entertaining side as well, one that can be seen at a local pub called Eagles. It's one of the most well-known pubs in the city, with people from all the city visiting it for a drink, or a decent chit chat. Do visit one of the pubs if you get bored with the mainstream Cambridge.

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    The city is also home to the Cambridge United Football Club, which plays its games at the Abbey Stadium on Newmarket Road, 3 kilometres away from the city centre. Watching the CUFC play at their home stadium can be a pleasant experience, in the calm city of Cambridge.

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