Things to do on Holidays in Kunming China

The capital of Yunnan and its cultural heartbeat, Kunming is one of the most naturally beautiful places in China and has been revered as a tourist destination, with many eye-catching sites to it’s name.


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    Dynamic Yunnan:

    One hardly expects China to be at the centre of theatre development, but indeed you can check out tribal dances at the Dynamic Yunnan theatre, which is not only fun for the whole family but relatively inexpensive too.

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    Green Lake (Cui Hu)

    A pristine location generally preferred for picnics and peaceful walks, this lake has flora in abundance and such is the natural bliss that flowers can even be witnessed during the winter season.

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    Stone Forest:

    A stunning visual of stone and greenery, this is a definite must visit for tourists looking to experience Kunming’s beautiful landscape. If exploration and witnessing geographical formations is your thing, be sure to visit the Stone Forest if you get the time.

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    Dongchuan Red Land:

    For checking out the local wildlife, take a trip down to this locality, where geological formations and superb natural beauty can be witnessed and that too free of cost, as this is a natural reserve to boot.

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    Yikeyin Lao Fangzi (Old House Restaurant):

    If you want to sample some of the local cuisine that delights and impresses in every morsel, then visiting Kunming’s Yikeyin Lao Fangzi must be on your radar. Particularly popular eats include dumplings, duck and pig trotters, which also happen to be a delicacy of the area.

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    Salvador's Coffee House:

    One would hardly expect to get good burgers or high quality coffee in China, but head onto to Salvador’s to experience just that. As one of the best restaurants in the area, you would be hard pressed to match the top class food available and the discerning choices available to patrons is also a big plus.

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    Yunnan University:

    A beautiful campus awaits most students at the city’s main educational hub and considering that the students are mostly International, the atmosphere is totally unique at the helm.

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    Spring City Golf and Lake Resort:

    Visit the Golf pitches and try your luck out on the field, which is a definite must if you are a sports fan looking to continue the game during vacations.

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    Dian Lake:

    A beautiful locality, this is a great spot to relax and perhaps even have a barbecue, although tourists will need some local help in this regard.

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    Yuantong Temple:

    Kunming’s largest Buddhist temple and a dedication to the religion’s peaceful soul, one should definitely check it out, if you are in the area.

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