How to Play Soccer at Beach

Soccer is one of the most widely played games in the entire globe at current note. With the sharp increase in the popularity of the game, many formats of the game have evolved and each of these formats is played a lot at several places. Futsal, Football, Street football, Indoor football and beach soccer are the most common types of football played across the globe and here we will take a look at how to play beach soccer. The steps for playing soccer at the beach are mentioned below.


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    The first step in playing soccer at the beach is to get hold of a football. A football is widely available at almost all the sports shops in any town and can be bought on very reasonable rates. There may be two options that a person may have for buying a football. Beach soccer can be played by two types of soccer balls. One is the normal ball which is used in the standard matches of football while the other type of soccer ball is the special ball that is made and stitched specially for playing at the beach. We have to select one of the two balls.

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    Next we should have the players who are willing to play football at the beach. Beach soccer can be started by having a minimum of 5 players on each side. If you are short on the number of players, you may start with 4 players on each side.

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    After getting done with the teams, you now have to set up the perfect place for starting the soccer game. For this you have to check several aspects of the place which you are looking to select and pin point as the place for the game to be played at. You will have to see that a lot of people do not traverse the area where you are looking to set up the field at, as this would cause a lot of disturbance as the players will have to stop the game on regular intervals to let the people pass.

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    Doing this, you now have to mark the lines on the selected place. Make sure that the field is rectangular in geometry and the lines may be carved into the beach sand or may be drawn with the help of markings from anything visible.

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    Finally, you just have to start the game and make sure that you have a referee for the game. The rules are simple and almost all the rules are those from the general game of football. Enjoy playing soccer at the beach.

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