How to Paint a Beach Themed Bedroom

In order to have a feeling of summer all year long, you can always paint your bedroom with beach theme. It can give a relaxing feeling to you after an exhausting day. It is simple to give a beach-themed look to your room. Just take a photo of the beach you want and then paint with the matching colours on your room.

Things Required:

– Photograph of the beach
– Cans of paint
– Paint rollers
– Paint pans
– Painter’s tape
– Paintbrushes tape
– Paintbrushes, multiple sizes
– Tarp


  • 1

    Choosing the colours

    First of all you need to choose the colours you want to paint in order to give a beach-themed look. You need to properly monitor your room by looking at it from a distance. Then check the size of the window and plan the colours accordingly. You can choose tan, soft blue or turquoise if you have a room with a larger window. In case you have a small window or limited light then use lighter beach-themed colours for your walls. In this case you can opt for lighter tan, pale green or soft yellow. In addition to these colours, coral and shell pink also give a beach-themed look.

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    Next you need to measure the length and width of your room which you want to give a beach-themed look. You need to calculate the square footage of your room in order to determine the amount of paint or primer required. You can take help from a professional in order to find out how much paint is required. Also read the instructions written on the paint in order to check how much cans are required.

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    Apply primer

    Next you need to apply coats of primer in order to remove the effect of the old paint. Remember if your old paint is darker only then you require a coat of primer. In case your old paint is lighter than you do not need to apply primer. Some paints come with primer products. These can be expensive but effective.

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    Painting trim

    You should use light colours such as white, pale yellow or beige in order to paint the trim. These light colours give a relaxed cottage look. Remember to match your doors with the trim colours.

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