Things to do in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the famous cities of Australia and one of the most visited places of the country. It is the most populous city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales. It is ranked highly in world’s major cities and is a must see city for the visitors. The city is blessed with world’s beautiful beaches but Sydney is much more than just sea and beaches. It a business hub, a center of creativity and is famous for its unique culture. For someone who is visiting Australia for business purposes or for pleasure, a visit to this amazing city is must. There are a number of attractions for the tourists in Sydney and following are some of the things that should not be missed while visiting the city.


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    A visit to Sydney Harbour should be on top of the agenda while on the visit to New South Wales. In the contemporary world, it is one of the most visited places of Sydney and in addition to that, Sydney Harbour remains a major working port for Australia. The best and the easiest way to view the harbour is through a private yacht. But in the absence of a yacht, taking a harbour cruise or reaching there by a ferry isn't a bad idea either. And while visiting Sydney Harbour and if there is time, one can also visit some of the small islands of Sydney Harbour National Park.

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    Bondi Beach should not be missed while in Sydney. Whether in the City for a day or month, a visit to Bondi is must and it is said that once you are there, you won’t hurry to depart. There, one can swim in the magnificent sea or can sign up in order to take surfing lessons. While the beach provides perfect opportunity to take sunbathe and release tiredness. Places near Bondi beach also offer a lot of attractions. Amazing stretch of sandstone cliffs offers a brilliant view for the tourists.

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    Sydney Opera House, Jorn Utzon’s competition-winning 1956 design, is arguably the most recognisable icon of Australia. There are six auditoriums inside where dance, concerts, opera and theatre take place.  One must take a guide while travelling there because without the proper knowledge of the place, losing in the amazing halls there in not that difficult. While the inside of the Sydney Opera House has its own attractions, a view from the outside is hard to beat. Approaching from a ferry, the artistic view is just mind blowing and a visit to that place fulfills one’s visit to Sydney.

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