Things to do on Holidays in Bratislava Slovakia

Bratislava is the largest city in Slovakia and the country’s capital. The city is the cultural, political, economical and cultural hub of Slovakia and is the only national capital in the world that has its borders with two independent countries. In 1919, Bratislava got its modern name but before this, it was largely known by its German name, Pressburg.


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    A visit to the Old City in Bratislava is well worth your time. The place is very clean and you will come across many old but elegant statues like The Gazer in here. A nice walk down the Danube would make an excellent start to your tour of the city.

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    The Main Square or the Hlavne namestie as it is known as by the locals, as only they can pronounce it properly, is surrounded by a lot of shops and restaurants and even has its own Christmas market. The French embassy is also located in its vicinity.

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    St. Elizabeth’s Blue Church is a fine piece of architecture and is unique in a way that its design transcends those of the other churches’ designs. And there is something really surreal about this church as it has this peculiar ‘Disneyesque’ look to it.

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    The Old Town Hall or the Stara Radnica is a museum that displays some worth seeing exhibits covering the history of Bratislava. A few photographs displayed will give you an idea about how some parts of the city have remained untouched while the rest have seen a drastic facelift.

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    Located just a few miles of the west of the city, Devin Castle used to be the property of the Roman Empire before being taken by the Great Moravian Empire who saw the castle as a strategic base during the Turkish Wars. Despite being so old, the place has been looked after well. And it’s very much accessible as it is only a 20 minute drive by bus from the Old Town.

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    Slavin is a war memorial and cemetery where nearly 7000 Soviet soldiers who lost their lives during the Second World War lie. This monument is dedicated to all those soldiers of the Soviet army who delivered the city to Slovakia in 1960.

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    Cumil is a funny and peculiar statue and it will be hard for you to take a proper picture as many people want to do the same. And this is perhaps one of the most visited places in Bratislava’s old town. The man is emerging from a manhole with a friendly smile and adorable expressions.

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    The UFO is perhaps one of the most visited restaurants in Bratislava and its Observation Deck offers a breathtaking view. The restaurant offers good food but it would be better not to ask for water as it is pretty expensive.

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    Michael’s Gate or the Michalska brana is an old tower that is located on top of the Michalska street. The building houses a museum of weapons. However, the best thing about the place is the top floor which is basically an observation deck.

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    Saint Martin’s Cathedral is an amazing building with some really fine artwork. This church was the coronation place of 17 kings and queens of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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