How to Use Valet Service

Using a valet parking is not something you are taught beforehand, and it can be a bewildering experience at first if you don’t know how to go about it. While movies show you how the main guy walks in smoothly and throws the key to a valet who seems lucky to be serving him, that is not entirely the case in the real world. If you are invited to an event at a high profile place or are visiting a top restaurant/hotel, you need to be ready for valet parking beforehand if you don’t want to look out of place and embarrass yourself.


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    Clean up your car

    Before you go, you should clean up your car from the inside. While you may be comfortable with all the mess, letting someone else drive your car in that position will be embarrassing and you will be anxious throughout. You don’t need to get everything waxed and polished though – just take out the food boxes and empty bottles and dust the mats.

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    Carry cash for the tip

    Valets try to leave a good impression on you and get a tip for it in the end. You don’t want to be the guy who uses the service and doesn’t tip for it. Keep a few loose bills on you to pay the valet later on. The amount will vary according to the place, its environment and the service you receive, but it is safe to have about $15 - $20 on you in cash for the tip.

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    Put away your valuables

    If you have any jewelry or expensive items in the car, you need to put them away beforehand as a cautionary measure. Generally you have nothing to fear, but it is only prudent to keep your valuables safe just in case.

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    Pick up all the stuff you will need inside the establishment

    Get your wallet, your cell phone, purses or bags and keep them on you before you drop your car. If you need something later that you left in the car, you will have to send the valet to get it, which means you will have to give extra in your tip.

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    Remain attentive at the drop zone

    Valets are usually very rushed, especially when you are visiting a high profile establishment in a busy part of town. Stay alert for valet cues and follow directions to make sure everything runs smooth. Don’t get out of your car before the valet opens the door for you and don’t turn off the ignition when you get out. The valet will take it from there.

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