How to Tour Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville

Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville is basically a historical and one of the most visited places in Kentucky. It is also an eternal resting place of Colonel Sanders, the founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and George Keats, a famous poet, as well as a business, civic and cultural leader in Louisville. Once you are in Cave Hill Cemetery, you will be lost in its beauty, and the whole area is full of unusual monuments that mark and remember the people buried in that area.

So, if you really live in Kentucky and have not visited Cave Hill Cemetery, then you have not seen the real beauty of the city yet. Keep reading this article in order to get basic knowledge about how you can plan your tour to the final resting place of some of the big names in the history of the city.


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    First of all, you should get a tour map for Cave Hill Cemetery. You can get it from the SS office located at the main gate of Cave Hill.

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    Right after you enter from the gate, you will see the Sphinx monument dedicated to Charles Rowland Peaslee. Peaslee was a salesman who used to sell paints and lamps, and died in 1905.

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    In the central part of the Cemetery, you will see the Tingly Fountain adding beauty to the overall look to the Cemetery Garden. The Tingly fountain was built to commemorate the wagon maker, William Tingley. The fountain has an unusual female character, and the two smaller statues right beside the main statue are perfect for photographic studies.

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    While walking or driving through the Cemetery, you should not miss the countless other monuments and statues present in the area. If you are a history enthusiast, or a professional photographer, then you should spend few hours in the Cemetery, as you can take a lot of photos and reveal some of the attractive sites in Cave Hill.

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    If you want to locate a particular graveyard of any famous personality, then you can contact the Cemetery caretaker and he will help you in making your search faster.

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