Top 10 Things UK is famous for

United Kingdom is also known as Great Britain and is located on the north western shore of Europe. It is one of the most developed countries in the world and on the basis of GDP, has the sixth largest global economy. It had a lot of power and was the first country to experience industrialisation. The country holds a lot of influence in terms of culture, politics, military, economics etc. The UK has provided a lot of entertainment with bestselling books and movies. There are many things that the UK is famous for.


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    UK has four seas that include North Sea, English Channel, Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea. You will find water after some distance that makes the view breathtaking. There is a lot of greenery and diversity from low lands to mountains.

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    Robin Hood

    Who doesn’t know this famous character? He is the middle ages folk hero. His story revolved around giving to the poor. He was famous for archery and a very good swordsman. Many movies have been made about him.

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    It is an important part of an individual’s life. Soccer, rugby, tennis, golf are all played in the UK. Their national game is cricket. Many people come to England to watch and support the famous Manchester United football team.

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    You will find pubs on every corner. From small downtown pubs to elite bars in England, there is a place for everyone. It is known that pubs are the most common meeting places for people to have a drink and chat.

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    Prehistoric monuments

    There are many ancient cities in the UK as the place is filled with grand gardens, cathedrals, castles and beautiful villages. There is a famous circle of stones and many other landmarks that includes Hadrian’s Wall, Kings College etc. The UK also has the largest Ferris wheel.

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    UK is famous for its fortresses. The royal residence is Buckingham Palace. There is also the largest castle which is located on 13 acres, Windsor castle. The queen also spends a lot of time in various castles and estates across the UK.

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    Pop Music Stars

    We all are aware of the famous pop stars. The famous names being the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, the Beetles, Spice Girls etc. Their contributions to music are known worldwide.

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    Royal Family

    The royalty in its true sense exists in the UK. The queen, prince, princess, lords, ladies etc. Their weddings, birth of children, lifestyle is always treated as a grand affair.

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    William Shakespeare

    The king of theatre, a known figure in English literature, William Shakespeare was also from the UK. His plays have been performed many times and his contribution is timeless.

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    Educational Institutes

    UK is the hub of the most prestigious institutes that have produced great leaders. Everyone wants to be a part of these universities. Their faculty, architecture and world rating is amazing.

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