How to Play Beach Handball

Regular handball court is tough and a bit slippery in nature. However, if you are planning to play handball at the beach, you will not have such a surface to play on. It is sand everywhere so the court is a bit small. You don’t have that many facilities like proper refereeing and replay technology but then you are not going to play a proper tournament at the beach as well. You are just going to have some fun by dividing the group of friends in two or more teams and playing in a friendly atmosphere rather than a hostile ambience. The goals are scored when a player puts the ball at the back of the net which is thoroughly protected by a goalie so trust me it is very difficult to score even though it seems quite easy. The goal’s height is almost equivalent to that of a goalie and the width is just enough wide enough to create a slight room for the ball to be placed into the goal by a player.


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    Gather the friends at one place. You will know the talent and skill level of each of your friend as you have been together for quite long so divide all of them in a manner that they are separated by their skill and speed. You can make four groups consisting of speed, skill, know-how about the sport and goalies. Take one player from each category and make a team of four players; three of them will play on the sand pitch and one of them will be a goalie.

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    See the number of teams that are made at the end of the division. Use numbering method to decide which two will play first and who to follow. Use any part of your body to control the ball except your feet. You can keep the ball with you for just three seconds. Make a referee from the third team or outside party who will keep the check on fouls. You can also take just three steps when you have the ball with you; after that you will have to pass it to your teammate or it will be counted as a foul play.

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    Use your body to block player and your strength to keep them away from intercepting the pass or do that to intercept the pass. If you think you can get the ball behind the goal line, just go for it or make a smart move by dodging the goalie.

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