How to Celebrate Kwanzaa in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is the home for 2-day festival to celebrate Kwanzaa, also known as the Capital City Kwanzaa Festival.

The festival is a great opportunity for both the local residents and the visitors have some great time, organised and sponsored by the Elegba Folklore Society. So, if you are planning your vacations to Virginia, then matching your schedule with the Capital City Kwanzaa Festival dates will be a great idea. The festival is held each year in the month of December. The organisers always try to set the date for the festival near December 31.


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    In order to celebrate the Capital City Kwanzaa Festival, you should be present in Richmond, Virginia, during the month of December, as the festival is celebrated by people on different dates, but in the same month. You can visit the festival’s official website and check for the information on dates and venues for the festival in the respective year.

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    When going out for celebrating the Capital City Kwanzaa Festival, you should leave your children at home, as the festival kicks off in a bar at 8:00 pm, and lasts until after midnight. You will surely not want your children to ask you to go back home in the middle of the celebrations on day one.

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    You can go out with your friends and family members on day one to enjoy a great night of drinks and reggae jam.

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    You can take your children with you on the second day of the festival, as you will find a number of activities for the children to enjoy, such as performances, arts and crafts and storytelling.

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    Do not eat before you leave for the festival, as you can find a number of restaurants adding a traditional flair to the festival. The festival usually starts at the Blues Café, located at the Mr. Bojangles Entertainment Complex, where you can enjoy different drinks and snacks.

    On day two, you can take your family to Greater Richmond Convention Centre to enjoy traditional snacks and snack carts.

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    Every year, a number of lecturers and writers visit Capital City Kwanzaa Festival. You can also attend different lectures, in order to know about cultural differences and heritage of different countries in the world. Some lectures are also followed by discussions among the lecturers and the audience.

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