Top 10 Interesting Antarctica Facts

Have you ever wondered about the North and South Poles on earth? They are known as the Arctic and Antarctica respectively, and are quite interesting places, surrounded by mystery and myths.

A vast area covered in ice, Antarctica has captured the imagination and interest of many. Coupled with the stories of fantastical creatures like the abominable snowman, are some interesting facts about Antarctica which might surprise many. While travelling to Antarctica is not possible for most people, given the dangers and extreme temperatures involved, there are other ways to learn about the interesting aspects of this place, if you are curious.


  • 1

    Unlike all of the other countries in the world, which are owned and run by governments, there is no ownership of Antarctica. One of the main reasons for this is that there is no habitation on this continent, so no one can rule it.

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    You will certainly have heard about different time zones, which are set according to how the day and night change in a particular region. However, there is no such time zone for Antarctica, which is quite a surprising fact.

  • 3

    Human survival is almost impossible in this part of the world, if you are not properly equipped to spend time there. Therefore, you will only find some explorers in Antarctica, who also live there for a few days at most.

  • 4

    If someone ever asks you about the coldest place on earth, you can say without a doubt that it is Antarctica, where the temperature can fall between -80 to -90 degrees Celsius during the winters.

  • 5

    Interestingly, Antarctica is the driest place on earth, as there is no rainfall there.

  • 6

    Although most of the animals are unable to handle the harsh winter season in Antarctica, the emperor penguins survive here. They are the largest of their species and rule the entire continent.

  • 7

    In Antarctica, you can find some old meteorites frozen in the same state as when they fell on earth. They provide some valuable information about the history of the earth.

  • 8

    Other than the penguins, blue whales are also found in Antarctica. They are the largest living mammals on earth and have been there for centuries.

  • 9

    The South Pole is completely covered with ice, as the temperature there remains below freezing point throughout the year. However, the temperature around the coast can reach five degrees Celsius during the summer season.

  • 10

    The largest iceberg on earth is found in Antarctica. It was formed in 2000, after breaking from the Ross Ice Shelf.

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