How to Plan a Trip to China Beach

Most people do not know that there are beaches in the People’s Republic of China. China has 14,500 km of coastline and thus has many beaches. You can always relax in the tropical, warm sunny beaches on the end of your trip in China.

You can always relax with your family or friend on a weekend at beaches in China. However, most travel companies do not offer beach packages in China. You will need to do extra effort in order to find the agent and the right package. There are few beaches in China which are popular and are in great location.


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    When and where to go

    First of all you should plan out when to go to the beach in China. You need to decide which holidays you need to consume for relaxing in Chinese beaches. You can opt either in summer vacations or any other holidays so you won’t be hurrying back to your home.

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    Weather conditions

    You need to check the weather conditions of the Chinese beach where you are planning to go. Summer time is the best time to visit these beaches and relax with your family or friends. You should look at the weather forecast on the or any other site a week before leaving.

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    Travel agent

    Only few travel agents offer packages to visit Chinese beaches. You need to consult different travel agents and pick out the best package. You can also book hotels in the area around that beach from internet. Hainan Island and Putuoshan Island have few amazing beaches in China where you can plan your trip. You can also check hotels at Beihai Silver Beach, The Sanya Yalong Bay Beach and the Bathing beaches in Qingdao which are the top beaches in China.

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    In beach you will require bathing suits, cover-ups, sandals, flip flops, T-shirts, hat, sunglasses, towels, sunscreen, Aloe Vera gel for sunburns, bottled water and a gym bag. You need to pack these things in your suit case to enjoy time on beach. As you will be staying in the hotel for few days, you will also be required to pack regular shirt and jeans in order to wear when roaming in the city. Also pack night suits and other stuff which you need when going on a trip to some other country.

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