Last Transit of Venus Today

After moving across the face of Sun on the 5th of June 2012, the transit of Venus will happen again in 2117. This spectacle sight will appear as a dark disc gliding across the face of sun. The time varies in different places due to the position of the observer.

In the Western Hemisphere this orbit journey will be viewed on Tuesday, whereas in the eastern Hemisphere, Venus journeys across the sun on the Wednesday.  This transit is expected to be visible by people located in the Easter Australia, Easter Asia and Western Pacific, for six hours and forty minutes.

This rarest celestial phenomena occurs after every eight year in Paris, the last pair of transit occurred in June 2004, next is expected in December 2117 and then 2125.

It is expected that the 2012’s transit will give scientist several opportunities for research, which includes the observation of Venus’s atmosphere, measurement Venus’s diameter and dips in a star’s brightness.

The safer way of viewing Venus’s journey is through a binocular, reflected pinhole or a telescope. Do not visualize the transit by staring directly at the sun as it is very harmful for your retinal cells; you will have to wear solar Eclipse glasses in order to watch safely the astronomical sight. You can place an online order for the glasses or visit any of your local museums; if that is not possible then pay a visit at the hardware store and buy number 14 or darker welder’s glasses.

The black and white film was once recommended for visualizing, but now this filter is not considered safe, because harmful Ultra violate rays can pass through the gaps present in the film.

NASA, Exploratorium in San Francisco and are planning to organize a live webcast of Venus’s transit. Besides that many experts will also have discussions related to the transit’s history and future.

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