How to Pack for a Camping Trip with Kids

Packing less when you are going on a camping trip with children is not a wise decision. When you are out in the open wilderness, it may seem hard to carry more things but once you have children you can say goodbye to the times you only took a toothbrush and a few underwears. You should be prepared because the kids can be demanding at times.

Remember that packing for the trip is an experience in itself. We all know that camping is fun but children can make it hard for you to enjoy if they do not have their favourite things with them. While packing, take care of their needs and interests.

Things Required:

– A sleeping bag, ground mat, torch
– Rucksack, rain gear
– Sock, underwear, tops and trousers
– Extra batteries


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    Getting started

    Decide the duration for which you will be camping. Check the weather conditions in the area you wish to visit. If there is summer season in the locality, you should still pack warm clothes as temperature is usually cold at night. If you feel you are going overboard with packing, then let it be. Pack more clothes for every kid in case there is an emergency. Remember that camping with kids means a lot of dirty clothes on a daily basis, and you should have the provisions to cover up for that.

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    Basic necessities

    You must take along toiletries, sunscreen, hairbrushes, hair bands, canteen, bug spray, lanterns, matches, flashlights, sleeping bags, towels, baby wipes, camping equipments, etc. Sort out your meals for the trip. Take easy to make foods or make some dishes beforehand so that you can heat them for a quick bite. These foods include hot dogs, eggs and bacon, peanut butter sandwiches, canned foods, juice boxes, fruits and vegetables, raisins, nuts and rice cakes among others.

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    Kitchen stuff and comfortable pillows

    Pack the required kitchen things such as pots, pans, cooking utensils, spoons, forks, rags, knives, tin foil, trash bags, can opener and paper towels. Also remember to take cushions, pillows and blankets with you. These come quite handy in camping situations. Allow every kid to bring a stuffed animal or toy with them  to the camping trip. Let them have their backpack as well which can have snacks or beach toys.

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