How to Visit Tamagotchi Town

Visiting Tamagotchi town is a fun activity. Basically it is a virtual city on the internet and people love to visit its different places including local hotspots and restaurants. In Tamagotchi town, you will get the chance to visit and explore the entire virtual town. You can go to different regions and play games there. You can even win prizes by playing and exploring different areas of this unique town. There are many versions of Tamagotchi town that are available on the internet but it depends on you as to which version you want to visit.


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    Finding Tamatown website

    The first and foremost thing is to find the Tamatown website. Browse to navigate to the website. If you are searching through a search engine, you might see different related Tamatown websites as well. There will be many versions that pop up but you need to decide carefully as to which version you want to play. Try to get more information about different versions before you select any specific one. These versions are basically updated versions of old Tamatown.

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    Selecting Tamagotchi Connection version

    Select carefully Tamagotchi connection version. Check version 3 and 4 which are currently very famous among many people. Though there isn't any type of compulsion that you need to choose from these versions to play the game, you can even just play the simplest version of the game as well just to understand Tamagotchi town.

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    Entering five-character Tamagotchi user name

    Enter your unique five character Tamagotchi user name to start playing the game. Basically the unique five character name will help you get a Tamagotchi toy. This five character user name will be your identity in Tamagotchi town. Make sure you write it down so that you do not forget it.

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    Exploring Tamagotchi town

    After completing the five character Tamagotchi user name, you will be able to explore the town. Get familiar with all types of different things. You can visit different places like the mall, movie theatre, food court and school. Be sure to take your time and explore as many different areas as you can. Try to check out areas that you have never seen before to get a unique experience. You should also check out the arcade to play games and win prizes. Different types of prizes are there which you can win after completing different stages of games. You and your friends will have countless hours of fun playing different games in the arcade.          

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