Top 10 Things To Do on Holiday in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is the most populous city of the Scandinavian country. There are a number of tourist attractions in Copenhagen and if you are planning to pay a visit to this amazing city, do not forget to visit the sight seeing place through out the city.


  • 1

    Copenhagen Grand Tour by Motor coach

    Join the Grand tour of Copenhagen view all the major and important sights of the city within a day. Best way to see the Danish Capital if you don’t have much time and it’s better to leave for the coach as early as possible.

  • 2

    Copenhagen Harbour Tour

    If you are not that much interested in travelling through the coach, take the boat and sail through the city, as the best view of the Danish capital can be viewed from the Sea. Like coach tour, you need to leave really early in order to see most of the sights.

  • 3

    North Zealand Castle

    If you love architecture, Copenhagen is the place for you. The city has so many amazing fairy tales castles and North Zealand Castle tops the list. However, you need to go there before sun sets in order to view each and every corner of the castle.

  • 4

    Hamlet Castle

    Any cab or bus will take you there and it is guaranteed to be a life time experience. There are so many castles from ancient times in Copenhagen and Hamlet castle is not to be missed.

  • 5

    Copenhagen City Hop-on Hop-off Tour

    Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and the cheapest and arguably the best way to explore the Danish capital is a tour of the city via a double-bus that stops at almost every major tourist attractions.

  • 6

    Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (Glyptoteket)

    Arguably the best art museum in Copenhagen. You can explore 6000 years of art in the museum that was founded in 1888 and you have to go there no matter if you are a fan of art or not, it’s a must see place.

  • 7

    Frederiksberg Have

    If you are looking to relax and refresh your mind in Copenhagen, this is the best place to spend your evening. Natural beauty at its best, and it would be wise to spend couple of hours there before dinner.

  • 8

    Church of Our Saviour

    It’s not just a church; it is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist attractions of the city. You can view most of the Copenhagen from the Church of Our Saviour and the best time to pay a visit would be around 8 in the morning.

  • 9

    Copenhagen Opera House

    A beautiful architectural piece of art and you cannot afford to miss visiting this side while on the tour to Copenhagen. The best time to pay a visit would be around 9 PM.

  • 10

    National Museum

    If you want to learn about Denmark and its history, the best place to go is the National Museum. However, avoid going there in peak hours if you want to enjoy your time there.

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