Top 10 Biggest Bank Robberies in World

Dishonesty harvests from desperation or it is the outcome of a planned venture. A number of times the person’s self integrity is too low that he is pushed towards a crime of this sort. This process begins from stealing small things and then can turn into a major robbery. However, everyone should be aware of the fact that robbery is a very serious crime and try not to indulge in heinous act at all costs. Moreover, bank robbery is even worse as the money in the bank belong to innocent people who have kept their savings. There are a lot of tactics that you can use to tackle this problem.


  • 1

    Central Bank of Iraq

    The biggest robbery in the world was made in Iraq in 2003, while the American army was attacking the city of Baghdad. The robbers stole $1 billion dollars from the Central Bank of Iraq.

  • 2

    Dar Es Salaam Bank

    Another major robbery took place in the Private Bank of Karrada District of Baghdad. Around $300 million dollars was stolen from Dar Es Salaam bank and this event occurred in 2007.

  • 3

    The Knightsbridge Security Deposit

    This incident took place in Westminister, London where the Royal families live. The roobery happened in 1987 and the perpetrators stole $111 million dollars from the safe deposits. They made it seem like that the security is temporarily disabled.

  • 4

    Banco Central Bank

    The robbers stole the bank in a very smart way in 2005. They occupied an empty space near the bank and dig their way up to 225 feet. They managed to loot $69.80 million dollars from the bank in Brazil.

  • 5

    Northern Bank

    This is a major robbery that took place in Britain 2004 at Christmas time. They stole $50 million dollars. The looters kidnapped the families of bank officials and forced them to help them in the robbery.

  • 6

    British Bank Beirut

    Looters used the church wall to get inside the British Bank of the Middle East and stole $20-$50 million of gold, jewels, bonds and stocks.

  • 7

    Pacific National Bank

    $10.8 million was stolen from the bank and transferred to the Swiss Bank. It took place in 1978.

  • 8

    Dunbar Armored Car Depot

    The bank lost $18.9 million and the robbers were assisted by a member of the bank.

  • 9

    Loomis Fargo Bank

    Looters stole $17 million in 1997 and the money was transferred through a van.

  • 10

    Bank of Ireland

    Robbers stole $9 million in just 15 minutes in 2009.

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