Top 10 High Security Jails in the World

In civilized countries, the press makes headlines about the need to protect the rights of prisoners, the abolishment of the death penalty and how to conduct educational work among prisoners.

As a result, many European prisons are more like resorts. Very different things happen to prisoners in different parts of the world. For example, some of the most deplorable prison still practice torture and deprive the prisoners of all their rights.

Prisons, regarded as a worst place on earth, are specifically designed to prevent criminals serving their respective sentences.


  • 1

    San Quentin

    This place contains cells in which prisoner see no light. This prison was built 150 years ago, and since then, prison conditions have not changed much. San Quentin is filled with the most violent criminals. So, there are a large number of guards.

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  • 2

    Bang Kwang

    Thai Bang Kwang prison is better known as the "Bangkok Hilton". It is filled with inhabitants who struggle with insanity and thus spend the first months of their sentences with a chain shackled feet.

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  • 3

    Rikers Island

    Rikers Island, New York, is notorious for brutal pressure of guards. This place is primarily filled with criminals from ethnic minorities and people charged for drug and girls trafficking, violence and aggression.

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  • 4

    ADX Florence Supermax Facility

    This prison is located in Colorado and was built in response to the serious attacks on guards and prison staff at other U.S. prisons. Inhabitants of this prison mostly suffer slow psychological torture by security guards.

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  • 5

    Alcatraz Island Prison

    This prison, known as "The Rock," or "Devil's Island", has been built for the criminals who violated the laws of the Great Depression. Alcatraz is known for its unique construction project, which made ​​escape almost unthinkable.

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  • 6

    La Sante Prison

    According to a former prison officer, Veronique Vasseur, this place is just like hell, where prisoners are forced to sit in cramped cells, full of rats and lice.

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  • 7

    Diyarbakir Prison

    This Turkish prison has been repeatedly mentioned as an example of human rights violations, and places where a normal person would soon become a bandit himself if he survives. This prison is notorious because of hellish conditions and sexual violence against its inhabitants.

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  • 8

    La Sabaneta Prison

    Venezuela is also known for its brutal prisons, where violence is a daily occurrence. Prisoners are given modest health services and they ultimately suffer with lack of food and terrible hygiene.

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  • 9

    Tadmor Prison

    This prison is located in Syria and is known as "the kingdom of death and madness".

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  • 10

    Carandiru Prison

    The death toll in the infamous Brazilian prison has always been great throughout its 46-year history.

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