Things to do on Holidays in Xi’an China

One of China’s most urban cities and definitely an upcoming metropolis, Xi’an has garnered an International reputation for being an economic hub and although modernity descends into everyday life, the culture and historical parts of the city are still flourishing to this day.


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    The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses:

    An archaeological marvel and one that gained International fame after being highlight in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Mummy’, this museum holds a special place for believers, who claim that the army will come to life when summoned by the emperor.

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    Ancient Wall of South Gate of Yan'an:

    Visit another marvel, but one which pays tribute to Xi’an’s architectural renaissance. Being a ruin, it obviously attracts history fans and with glowing tributes to its name, makes it a popular tourist destination.

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    Tomb of Emperor Jingdi (Hanyangling):

    China has had many emperors during its reign and one of them is buried right here in Xi’an. Emperor Jingdi and his consort wife Wang are buried here, with people flocking in large numbers to pay homage to the late ruler.

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    China Connection Tours:

    If you really want to explore the city with in-depth detail and be privy exclusive areas, then China Connection Tours are perhaps the best guides you can find.

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    Lavazza Cafe Espresso:

    Sip deluxe coffee or munch on light snacks while visiting this eatery or you could go for something totally different and perhaps try some decadent local tea.

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    Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show:

    Chinese food is sumptuous and it is best served at Tang Dynasty, where the soup and pot noodles are really some of the best you can ever taste in the city.

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    Colabo Italy Restaurant:

    Italian food in China? Yes, you heard that right! Colabo specializes in typical Italian fare, which ranges from traditional pizzas to delicious pizzas and the prices are also nominal, making for a totally buzzing atmosphere.

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    Shangri-la Hotel:

    The number one tourist staying destination in Xi’an, Shangri-La promises to be a luxurious venue, where the service is impeccable and rooms spacious.

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    Hilton Xi'an:

    The Hilton adds a bit of glamour to the local hotel scene and being an integral part of the International chain, you can be sure of its quality and high rates.

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    Sofitel Xi'an On Renmin Square:

    A toned down version in terms of price, but still packing all the necessary experiences for a great stay, do check out the Sofitel if you aim to please on a budget.

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