Top 10 Man Made Historical Monuments

During the history of mankind, there have been many great civilizations that have come and gone. Every single one of them tried to leave a mark on the history through various ways they adopted. A common characteristic that is found amongst these civilizations of the past is the construction of large structures.

Many of the man-made monuments have stood the test of time and have survived for thousands of years. To this day people appreciate their grandeur and are in awe of some of the finest architecture that was done back in the day with no real technology to help.


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    The Hagia Sophia

    A ground breaking structure indeed, it remained the world’s largest mosque for a thousand years. Located in Constantinople, it is a true man-made marvel.

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    The city was built by the Mayans and archeologists are in awe of the tremendous designing job that was done so long ago.

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    Located in Jordan, the city is a wonder of architectural excellence and innovation with the use of carved rocks.

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    Machu Picchu

    The city gives insight of the Inca Empire. Mainly built with dry polished stones, it was once a trade hub and luckily survived the conquests by the Spanish army.

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  • 5

    Christo Redentor

    The iconic structure standing tall in Rio de Janeiro is a symbol of the Christian beliefs of the Brazilians. It is one of the largest statues of Jesus Christ in the world.

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  • 6

    The Colosseum

    A magnificent structure that was used for many purposes by the Romans,  none more famous than the gladiators fighting it out for their lives.

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    The Eiffel Tower

    Made from ten thousand tons of steel, it is one of the most visited monuments in the world. Being located in Paris, the city of romance, also helps.

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  • 8

    The Great Wall of China

    Built between 220–206 BC by the first Emperor of China,Qin Shi Huang, the Great Wall of China is now a major tourist attraction. The main constituent of the wall is stones though at some places other materials  have also been used.

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  • 9

    Taj Mahal

    The monument that is best known for the love story attached with it, it is indeed the greatest architectural monument presented by the Great Moguls of India.

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  • 10

    The Great Pyramids of Giza

    The engineering in these pyramids is amazing and will be hard to rival even in this day and age. The construction materials were imported from a distance of 800 kilometres, and included 8000 tons of granite and 2.3 million lime stones.

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