How to Open a Sandwich Shop

Although opening a sandwich shop is not as difficult as opening a full scale resturant, you still have to do a lot of working in order to make the most out of your investment. You must have a good business plan so as to make your shop successful. Besides, you will have to fulfill some legal requirements before starting up the project. 

Things Required:

– List of legal, health and safety requirements
– Menu
– Business name
– Business plan
– Business capital
– Location
– Bread knives
– Cutting knives
– Forks
– Cutting boards
– Plates
– Grill
– Toaster oven
– Frying pan
– Ingredients for your menu
– Napkins
– Paper bags
– Samples
– Flyers


  • 1

    Develop your business plan

    At first, you must develop your business plan. A business plan contains information regarding all the activities of the venture and how you are going to perform those activities. It contains the mission and the vision statement of your business. In mission statement, you will mention your goals and objectives including the ways by which you will achieve them. In contrast, the vision statement will express where you want to see your business in the long run. In addition to that, your business plan must include the feasibility analysis and information about the current market situation.

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    Select the location

    After developing a good business plan, you have to select the best possible location for your shop. It will be better to open a shop in a neighborhood where you will face minimum competition. However, if you think that your sandwich will outclass all your contenders, you can open your shop right in a market where there are many restaurants and sandwich shops. Just make sure that you have a good location where the customer can reach easily and spend some good time eating sandwiches.

  • 3

    Find good staff

    It is very important for you to find some good people to work with you in the sandwich shop. Behavior of the staff plays an important role in the success or failure of a sandwich shop or restaurant. So, you must hire good people to run your shop.

  • 4

    Begin your marketing campaign

    After finalizing everything, you have to start your marketing campaign in order to attract as much people as you can to visit your shop. You can give ads in the newspapers or can display flyers on the streets to advertise your shop.

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